Hey Babe! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We were founded in 2021 in Denver Colorado.

Initially Oniomania came to life in an effort to keep The BARE Bar spa doors open and operating due to the 2020 Pandemic. Oniomania quickly took on its own identity leaving most clients questioning if it was simply just two different ownerships in one location.  It's not though their sisters/ BFFs just helping each other navigate uneasy waters and supporting each other's growth like all good girlfriends do!  

Oniomania is a one of a kind stop in the fact that we're not married to just one style like most boutiques. We promise to leave you wandering what our style truly is cuz truthfully, most people can pull off whatever outfit their feeling on any given day and you do not have to put your personal style in a box and just stick to it. Honestly that just sound boring AF so we're switch shhh up. 

If you're going to forces me to commit to a style, I'd say we're kind of like a Boho meets

| "I could wear this to work." | "I definitely can NOT wear this to work!" | " Can I pull this style off?" | " What even is my style?" | " Is the 90's back?  cuz I loved the 90's?" | " I'm feeling that grunge look lately" | "OOOOO ,  that's cute! I have to have that!" See told you I'm not committing to just one style,

I just can't! 

All Jokes aside, our goal is to give you timeless pieces that will last in your closet regardless of the next trend.  Don't worry we plan to give you the "trending" + "hottest" styles too! But all amazing things come with a healthy balance of "I'll never get rid of this" and 'Oh My God, I can't believe I ever wore that" right? 

We invite you to browse through our collections as they evolve.

We have brands you've heard of like Steve Madden, KanCan, POL, Judy Blue, to brands that you haven't like Vervet, and Selini New York but either way we're just over here hanging up items to add to your personal closets! 

Keep in mind, money won't buy you happiness, but it will buy you pretty things.

We are constantly inspired by you + so excited to see your own styles shine, so tag us on your socials cuz we can't wait to brag about how damn cute you look or barrow some styling ideas off ya!

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